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Baby's First Christmas Traditions

Day 6 of our Advent Calendar was about visiting Santa & Andrea was saying that this is the first year that Rowan really knows who Santa Clause is as he is over 2 years old. Young children can be quite overwhelmed by all the festivities at this time of year and many a small child has been taken to visit the man in the red suit and promptly burst into tears. The traditional Santa photographs that I have are not all very happy ones, but as parents we still like to follow this tradition - or do we?

6. Visit Santa


As the children get older they begin to ask questions such as, "Why does Santa have glasses?", or "how can he be in all the shops at the same time?" We have to try to explain with " well he's magic or he's not the real Santa, just a helper!" The real one is too busy getting all the toys ready. This can lead to other questions like, "Why does he not just go to the toy shop and buy them." It can become quite complicated but most of us believe in keeping the 'Christmas Magic' alive.

This time last year Swlvia, one of our 'elves', had just left on maternity leave which was rather naughty of her not timing it better! She was very good and worked right up until we told her she need to go & put her feet up! Baby Jacob arrived in January & so this is his very 1st Christmas. Sylwia and Darek are really excited about planning all the seasonal events & let's hope that Jacob manages a smile for his Santa photo! We'll add this in once we get it!

Sylwia maternity


We would love to see any other first Christmas babies - smiling or otherwise! Baskets Galore has special Family & Children's Hampers available this year, so why not check them out?

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