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Pet Hates - Do They Sound Familiar?

When we are in a relationship there are certain things about our partners which get on our nerves after a while.  This can be a personal habit or something they do which annoys us.  We were discussing such things in the office recently and we came up with a few to share with you.

I get annoyed when Steve doesn't rinse out the sink and leaves the cloth in it still wet.  I know I should be glad that he does the dishes at all! It really annoys me that he keeps switching off the TV when I leave the room.  However, Kate's pet hate is people leaving it on when they go away for a brief period because it wastes the electricity.  Maybe they should get together!

kitchen sink tidy I need to get one of these! (


Andrea hates crumbs left on the chopping board. Andy also continually leaves the lid of the laundry basket open! Bath toys going mouldy also annoys Andrea, so a tip from here is to use vinegar for cleaning them (rather than bleach) as it is less harmful for delicate skin.

Lynne hates that when she leave things on the bottom step that have to go upstairs, Stephen will walk past them and leave them! He also doesn't rinse out the bath before filling it for Annabel & Katherine.

Neil is told off for leaving his things sitting about however his girlfriend's things are allowed to take over the place without any problem!

Victoria's pet hates seem to all involve her younger brother either getting her into trouble by leaving the lid off the toothpaste or his shoes at the foot of the stairs for her to trip over.  Her sister waits until she hears her alarm going off before rushing to get to the bathroom first. I'm sure she loves them really.

lid off toothpaste

Roma's older sister checks up on her when she is in the kitchen doing anything, she can feel her watching her!

Andy hates 'the chair' in the corner of the bedroom which clothes are discarded onto, but I think that we all have one of those.

clothes chair

I thought about asking James who is in Australia at the moment and then remembered our hen night last week. My future daughter-in-law Lauren is home at the moment making arrangements for their coming wedding and her sister had arranged a Mr & Mrs quiz via Skype for the entertainment. One of the questions was a pet hate and his answer was that when the loo roll runs out in the en-suite, Lauren will come into the main bathroom, past the hot press where the spare rolls are kept, and take the roll off the holder in the bathroom.  This means that when he next comes to use this bathroom there is an empty holder beside him!  I am starting to have some reservations about this marriage already!  It gave us all a laugh though.

What about you, what are your biggest pet hates/peeves?

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