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Introducing Irelands New EIRCODES

How many of you have seen an Irish Address? Some Irish address' can consist of only a street and town name, (E.g. East End, Rathmore) making delivery look almost impossible! Some residents can also share the same address or the same town can have two different Counties, it basically crazy! Now Ireland has a new system of Postcodes, called Eircodes.

After looking into the new Eircode System, I found that Over 35% of residents in Ireland share their address with at least one other property! This makes it difficult for those delivering goods and services to accurately identify the location of an address.

Eircode has been designed specifically to overcome this problem. Unlike other countries where postcodes define a cluster or group of addresses, a unique Eircode is assigned to each residential and business address.

Having an Eircode removes the hassle and mistakes out of finding addresses in Ireland, and hopefully will reduce the number of times we have to email Nightline regarding 'Bad Address' or 'Unable to Locate' Gift Basket Deliveries!

EircodeSome of our customers are still getting used to the new Eircode, so if an order comes through without an Eircode we can simply search for this:

Usually when you order a Gift Basket to an address in Ireland, we have you enter in four zeros (0000) as there was no Eircodes until July of this year! If you have any queries about an address or would like assistance ordering to Ireland, simply send us an email or give us a call!

Gift Baskets are still being delivered with or without an Eircode, as long as we have the full address (House and/or Street Name, Town and County) with a local contact number :)

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