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Hen Party Antics & 'Wish I Was There' Gifts

Hen Parties seem to be getting more and more elaborate as time goes by.  Speaking from the personal experience of having two daughters and a son getting married it seems that the stags just pick a date and get together for a few drinks , granted it could be anywhere, whereas the hens have things organised down to a fine art and for months in advance.  The venue, the theme, the food, the entertainment, the drinks, the party bags, the clothes and the transport and accommodation.  These have all to be organised well in advance, but the most important piece of organisation is who to invite.  This is important because not all of the hen's girlfriends are friends with each other and so getting in touch with them all in some type of group format (email, Facebook messenger, whatsapp etc) means they can all chat beforehand.

We were at one just last weekend, and the hen herself lives in Australia. Her bridesmaids were tasked with organising friends from Australia and all across the UK and kept the whole thing a surprise from the hen herself, apart from the date of course. Good going eh!

Andrea was at another hen weekend at the start of October and says the introduction to everyone on Facebook messenger was great as you got to familiarize yourself with all the other girls, and she was even able to organise sharing a lift to the venue.

The rest of the hens try to help were they can with game ideas, fancy dress outfits, providing photographs & of course drinks but so much more goes into the organisation that we always really appreciated the effort from the loyal bridesmaids.

Sometimes for one reason or another one of the hens isn't able to make the do/weekend but still wishes to celebrate, and this is when a Hen Party Gift Basket comes in handy. We used to have specific hen themed gift baskets, but found that bridesmaid are so organised that they have already bought all that paraphernalia. So instead we concentrate on providing choccies, sweeties and bubbles for the girls to enjoy. It's lovely to have something in the room waiting for their arrival, accompanied with a "Wish I Was There" gift card message. That way you are there in spirit and the bride-to-be knows you are thinking of her.


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