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Fit As Fiddles For Christmas Rush

We were talking about the flu vaccine in the office recently as some of us, or our children, have been invited to get this. Selina has already been for hers, but some others are worried that getting it might cause you to become a little bit ill. Poor Laura was struck down with it for a week recently and I can hear lots of coughs and sniffles from around the office. Poor Kate has just had to leave early due to feeling under the weather. We sit in the nice cosy office and seem to pass illnesses between us, yet the packing staff out in the cold warehouse are all as fit as fiddles. You aren't allowed to be sick and pack hampers, so it's just as well they are all so healthy as they are not only assembling every day orders, but have started on the Christmas hampers.

We have been very lucky to have had such a mild October and November so far, but today I think the weather really took a turn for the colder. The BG fleeces have made a reappearance, as have body warmers and furry boots today, so it's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. In fact, it's only 6 weeks to this very day.

6 weeks til Christmas


We are hoping to get any illnesses out of the way now, but preferably just not get sick at all! After all being sick at Christmas is the absolute worst feeling, and we are just so busy getting your hamper orders ready that we need to be fully functioning and on top form!

We're thinking of trying: vitamins, fresh air, gentle exercise (can't afford any injuries either!), healthy eating - but of course these good intentions probably won't last long!

Have you any tips to help us remain healthy for our busy time ahead?

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