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Top 5 Birthday Cakes Ideas For Girls

Last month I gave you our ideas for Birthday Cakes For Boys as we were designing one for Rowan's second birthday. Well next on the list was Annabel's 7th birthday and our thoughts turned towards cakes suitable for little girls. Annabel started out by having a cake inspired by her favourite toy which was a monkey, then she was into fairies inspired by the Flower Fairies and her mum was able to order the cake 'Fairies' on line.  Next she wanted Peppa Pig and I made her a Peppa Pig cake of which I was very proud.  As her birthday is on Guy Fawkes Day the next cake had the Hallowe'en theme of Witches.  She had a party for her school friends with a bouncy castle inside, of course, for her 6th birthday and because there were so many to cater for I made a huge chocolate roll in the shape of a 6 for this one.  It was covered in chocolate buttons and smarties and even the adults enjoyed it.  I couldn't wait to hear what she had chosen for this year!

Anyway our top 5 choices for Girls are as follows:

1.  T V Characters such as Peppa, Dora, Princess Holly, Doc McStuffin, Care Bears.

2.  Films such as Frozen, Lego, Smurfs, Curious George and Tom & Jerry.

3.  Disney characters such as Tinkerbell, Tangled, Cinderella, Minnie Mouse.

4.  Toys such as Barbie, Princess Castles, Hello Kitty,  My Little Pony and Mermaids.

5.  Animals such as Ponies, Puppies, Teddies, Butterflies.

Here's a link to our Pinterest Board for examples of all these lovely cakes.

girls birthday cakes

When I asked Annabel what kind of cake she wanted this year she said "A monkey sitting with a 'Happy Birthday' banner in his hands and plenty of chocolate buttons on top."  Easy Peasy! In the end we actually opted for a hamster cake, as she got a pet hamster called Toffee for her birthday.

toffee hamster cake

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