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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 05.11.15

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Well, I remembered the day all right. What I didn't remember was that it was Thursday and my turn to write the dispatch blog - whoops! Thankfully, I was reminded about it when the warehouse team came strolling in for lunch and I sat and blinked at them whilst having this feeling like I missed something. One look at the phone, one look at the calendar and another look to the warehouse door and you can practically hear the pieces of the puzzle clicking together.

I made a mad scramble out with my phone then and was immensely relived to find that the team had not started wrapping and boxing the basket up yet. Phew! Close one!

Let's start this off with a baby basket today.

2401222 Mummy & Me Deluxe UPGRADEThis is a Mummy & Me Baby Girl Deluxe basket, but upgraded as per order. Have a look at the cute First Curl keepsake box in the middle (you might need to click for a bigger picture) It is so adorable and just lifting it out of the packaging felt like I was uncovering something precious and delicately endearing. How many of you actually do keep your baby's first curl of hair? I know for sure my parents never did. But they kept our first teddy bears... well, if stashing them in the attic counts as keeping. But I think it's mainly because we didn't have theen keepsake ornamental boxes to store and treasure these things in. If we did, there would be four boxes of baby curls (mine and my siblings) somewhere on a display shelf in my house.

Then, following the fabulous pink themed baskets, there is the Queen of Pamper basket right beside the baby one.

1001921 Quen of PamperCan anybody say 'wow'? How many queens, princesses, ladies and beauties out there would want one of these being delivered to them? It truly has everything to pick somebody's mood right up from the blues. Magazine, Chick Flick, novel, cuddly companion, lip gloss, chocolates, eye mask etc. I especially likethe tingli head massager. I know some people who find the the massager, for the lack of a better word, 'tingly', strange and get mildly creeped out by the sensation, but I find it curious and oddly comforting.  Dear recipient, Kirsty in London, please let us know what you think of it. Maybe it's like marmite - you either hate it or love it.

The last basket I want to cover is rather special.

Did you know that it's Father's Day in Norway this weekend? I certainly didn't! So when this order came through with a note that it's for Father's Day, we all kind of scratched out heads in puzzlement because we're so use to Father's Day being in June!

803135 CYOThe customer created their own basket, for that extra personal touch. I think if I was ever to get my dad a father's day basket, I would have to create my own as well. My parents are just so picky on the things they want as gifts. Anyways, Martika in Peacehaven had chosen lots of sweeties for her father. To the nostalgic/vintage looking liquorice pipes, to heart shaped mallows and dark chocolate truffles. Looks like somebody is a fan for sweets. We hope he enjoys!

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