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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 23.11.15

Always last, but never least are our Fruit & Flower dispatches for the day and as usual they always look so bright and cheery.

The top row were my original selections, but then the 2 lovely Create Your Own gift baskets on the bottom row (pictures 4 & 5) came in on the afternoon dispatch list and we couldn't not include them!

A lovely lady in London created them for friends of her family, to thank them for helping her and her mum out during difficult times, She wrote lovely messages to accompany them to let the recipients know just how grateful they all were. She included the likes of the thank you balloon, flowering plant, superstar mug, fresh fruit, lemonade, fruity tea, creamy cheese and pampering product drum. I think these really personal gifts will be much appreciated.

Picture number one shows off one of our gluten free baskets which are becoming a really popular choice now. Gluten Free Fruit & Biscuits combines fresh fruit with delicious, you guessed it, gluten free biscuits from the Foods of Athenry. Sent by a proud mum in Orange, USA to her daughter studying in London. She wrote how proud she was of her daughter being on this "exciting adventure" and also wanted to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving, falling on Thursday.

Pictures two and three above are both get well gift baskets. The Truffley Fruit Get Well Basket (picture 2) was for a gentleman in London, from friends in Australia. They wrote that they were sorry to hear of his illness and wanted to wish him well for his upcoming treatment.

The Pick Me Up For Her Basket (picture 3) was being sent to help keep the lady recipient, in Telford, occupied while her arm is recovering. This get well gift is packed with fresh fruit, treats, puzzles, pampering lotions, magazines and of course Hoagie Bear so we can guarantee she won't be getting bored any time soon.

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