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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 12.11.15

Unfortunately, this was another day where the flower and fruits baskets were rather on the scant side - actually, there is only one. So I will have to populate the rest fo my basket blogging spots with some nice fruit alternatives. If you're looking to send fruit baskets over Christmas, I would remind you that unfortunately we don't dispatch any fruit baskets over December. We find that people much prefer sending something seasonal anyway. So I guess these 'fruit alternatives' I chose today could be used as an idea as to what to send if you can't have fruit and don't want a Christmas themed basket.

The first 'alternative' is the best sort of alternative - a pamper basket!

2401558 Beauty-LiciousThis Beauty-licious is the perfect gift to be sent. Let the recipient enjoy a nice relaxing evening in for herself, take one day off to indulge and take it easy mid-season so that you're all set to tackle all that Christmas shopping. Reflexology works wonders in soothing sore shopping feet, chocolate to perk up the mood after you stumble in from that flurry of British winter weather, and finally face masks to help you look tip top condition because the winter air can be quite harsh sometimes.

Next is a Sweet & Bubbly basket which is proving to be fabulously popular nowadays.

2401535 Sweet & BubblyThis one is going to a Birthday Mum in Derby. My favourite part of this basket seems to change each time I see it. Sometimes I think the cookies are the best part, then the chocolates. But today, it's the Cookie Shots Blondie Biscuits at the back there. They are lush and melt on the tongue. Such a curious eat, me thinks. It makes you want to have them with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

And finally, the sole fruit basket of the day.

2401568 Boredom BusterThe Boredom Buster Get Well Basket!

This basket also stands out as the only basket I have on my blog list today which is NOT a birthday basket. And as the only fruit basket, needless to say it stands out so much. There is something about the selection of fruit today that makes the basket look so summer-y and feminine. Which is good because it is actually going to a lady recipient. Colette in East Grinstead is getting this basket with a message that wishes her 'a speedy recovery, and lots and lots of spoiling' - Nice!


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