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Yummy Pasta Italiano Gifts

We're always excited to see a new product in our baskets and hampers, and even more excited when it's something we haven't had before. Pasta isn't exactly new to hampers, but Lynne had always said she didn't want to include shop bought pasta in our range. The idea she wanted to stick with was to include more unusual products that you don't see every day. Most products we include are locally produced, artisan, great taste award winners and we find our customers and recipients appreciate this quality.

Well now the 2 go hand-in-hand, with this new "posh" pasta by Marabotto Sapori Italiani

When we saw this beautiful 3 tone pasta we thought it would make a colourful new addition and it also tastes delicious!

We only had a few boxes in stock as a trial and it has sold out already, so we now await a new delivery all the way from Italy.

Have you tried this amazing pasta before?

New pasta product


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