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Top 5 Birthday Cake Ideas For Boys

Looking for inspiration for Rowan's birthday cake this year (he turned a big 2!) we thought about which would be the top five most popular cakes for boys. I suppose it depends on the age & personality of the child, as the younger the child the more generic the design can be such as Toys and Balloons, Cars, Boats and Lorries, or favourite Animals or Teddy Bears.

Older boys, or Rowan, are more conscious of what they like and the designs have to be more specific. Rowan couldn't make up his mind between Thomas the Tank Engine and George from Peppa Pig. We are having, therefore, to incorporate a muddy puddle in the middle of the railway lines on the Birthday cake!

Here's the link to our Pinterest board for examples of these great cake ideas!

birthday boy cakes pinterest

See if you agree with our top five topics, or what would feature in your top five.

1. TV Characters such as Postman Pat, Sponge Bob, Fireman Sam, Tom & Jerry and Peppa Pig.
2. Mickey Mouse and other Disney Characters such as in Toy Story or Winnie the Pooh
3. Super Heroes like Super Man , Bat Man or Spider Man.
4. Toys such as Thomas the Tank Engine,  Big Diggers, Helicopters,  Fire Engines, Space Rockets or Lego.
5. Film Characters like Olaf from Frozen, Harry Potter, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Star Wars and The Minions.

We would love to see photos of any of your own creations and  it would be lovely if, one day maybe,  BasketsGalore could incorporate a specially designed Birthday Cake in our Birthday Baskets. Meanwhile here is one we made earlier!

Rowan's 2nd birthday cake





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