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Tick Tock, Surviving The Clocks Going Back

So the clocks went back on Sunday and a lot of my colleagues in the office were looking forward to their extra hour in bed. Then there is the other half of the population with babies, toddlers and children who for some strange reason don't like lying in. I saw friends posting on Facebook about being up from 4.30am!

I actually can't complain at all as my little boy slept til 8.15, so 9.15am without the hour. He had been a bit poorly during the week and so was snoozing on a bit longer in the mornings - result.

This made me think that it's not only new parents or mums-to-be who deserve a survival pack when baby arrives, but current parents of children of all ages!

My survival pack would include an energy drink, coffee, chocolate, eye cream and anything Peppa Pig related to keep Rowan entertained. I also love the new parent survival kit by Natalia as includes gorgeous bath soak and instant revitaliser.

What would you include in your survival pack, and would it make a good gift basket?

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