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Start The Day Well With A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is reportedly the most important meal of the day and , as Baskets Galore have now added High Omega Very Berry Granola from the Foods of Athenry to our Gift Basket range, we thought that we would find out what our staff have for breakfast.

Cereals are very popular in the UK and there are a vast variety of these available in the supermarkets.  However I still prefer to mix some together in order to get some fiber and some cheaper flakes and lastly some crunchy flakes.  I thought that maybe that was just me, but Lynne does it too. Her girls like some soft porridge with a crunchy topping otherwise they say it's too soft. Lynne likes to have a different cereal every day, I think her husband sometimes feels she has cleared out the supermarkets shelves for her own cupboard.  Andrea and Rowan have weetabix but with chocolate spread on top (naughty naughty!).

Kasha is from Poland and she hasn't been tempted by cereal yet, she has a ham sandwich, however she admits to liking the odd fry-up at the weekend.  Pavel quite likes a cinnamon flavoured cereal which he says is lovely and sweet.  Victoria isn't a breakfast person as she isn't very hungry so she has a milky shake instead.  Roma is another one who is not really hungry and just has a banana. Laura sometimes has a cookie crisp cereal, but Kate has the most unusual breakfast being toast with apricot jam and peanut butter jelly on top.

Kate is also not a morning person at all Kate is also not a morning person at all

I have a winter cereal as well as a summer one, and I am just about to change over to the winter one which I have with hot milk.  How many of you can identify with our breakfasts?  Can you beat our ideas with some of your own?  Why not try our Breakfast Basket, or our Brunch Basket for some breakfast gift ideas!

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