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'Shaking Up' Basket Creations

Like all companies and businesses, every morning when we come in, instead of facing business as usual, we have to wade through a pile of emails first. Most of the time, the emails are the business. The other parts of the time, it's marketing emails that goes straight to the junk email folder (seriously, we don't need any more offers on USB storage or work uniform). And around twice a week, I'll scroll through the junk email folder just in case. It was then that I stumbled across an interesting email.

It was from a company asking for a large order of baskets. We get these quite often and usually by the end of the email, you find that they want not pay for the baskets, but instead in exchange they will feature you in their unknown magazine/online article/blog/exhibition. Except, this time, there was no mention of featuring us in some sort of media, and the company was very well known too! This must be too good to be true, right?

Nope, it really was real! And not only do they want a large order of baskets, they want it fully customised too with their products as well!

They want a Tequila themed basket, so it must include a sea salt shaker, Tequila, a jigger, ice cube trays, lime and grapefruit drinks. The level of customisation on the basket was quite high though but we were up for the challenge!

We ran into some hiccups sourcing some of their items though, because a few calls round the place revealed that some of the items are only sold by very specialised or specific suppliers only. When we contacted them, they tell us they only sell in large quantities to stores who signed with them. Oh dear, as much as we want to help our customer, we don't think we want to be a frequent distributor of ice cube trays and salt shakers!

But no worries, a very good internet trawl from our stock team finally had us sourcing small amounts of everything from a number of different sources and we were all biting our nails as we tried to make sure they all arrive on time, intact and hopefully match one another appearence-wise because you never know if one salt shaker from one place is the same as another place's. Thankfully they did arrive, and not only did they match but the baskets look really impressive!

It was certainly one of our most exciting corporate customised baskets. I wonder what kind of customised baskets they would ask for next?

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