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Rowan's 2nd Birthday - Gift Ideas By Post

This weekend sees my son Rowan turning a big 2. I actually can't believe it, he's all grown up. Well no not really, but he's not really a baby anymore, instead he's a little boy. I'm so proud of him as he's such a happy boy and is very caring & polite. He's also a confident little thing who talks & sings non-stop.

Last year I planned a big party for his 1st birthday. We hired a hall and a bouncy castle and invited all our family & friends with kids. It took a fair bit of planning, but went really well and lots of people came to celebrate with us. I ordered a special cake and we got professional photographs taken to remember him at age 1.

This year we decided against a big party. We think we'll wait until he is at school to do that  again, and just have a bit of a family affair this year. His birthday falls on a Sunday, so we are going swimming with his cousins in the morning and then having a little party at our house in the afternoon.

What did you do for birthday party ideas for your toddlers? Did you prefer a big party or small celebration?

We are lucky in that most of Rowan's direct family live locally. His Uncle James is in Australia however and Great Aunty Anne in London, but she has even flown home for the occasion.

What if your nephew, niece, godson, goddaughter or other little one in your life doesn't live close by? My friends having been living in Melbourne for the past 2.5 years and they recently made their first visit home. They both had a new nephew to meet each and also hadn't meet Rowan yet.

We hope our gift baskets for children can help to make you feel part of the celebrations and to let your loved one know you are thinking of them from afar. All you need to do is select your favourite one, or even create your own, and enter the delivery address and a gift card message. We then make it up, attach your message and deliver it directly to their home. What's more exciting than receiving a mystery parcel in the post?

Have you ever sent a children's gift by post? Had you ever thought of a gift basket for kids? They are popular as both birthday and get well gifts so maybe next time you might think of us.



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