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'Grow Your Own' Range For Flowering Gift Baskets

What could be more uplifting than having a window-sill box of pretty flowers or fragrant herbs to admire all year round.  That is the aspiration of our new Garden To Grow flower and herb kits from Notedco.  These are colourful garden kits packaged in a cute Take Away Gift Box decorated with quaint illustrations.  Available in Cottage Garden Flowers and Herbs & Veggies.  Each kit comes with seeds for 4 different flowers or plants, plant pot, coco fiber wafers and instructions.  A great pick-up gift for kids and adults alike.

Blooming Garden cultivation kits enables you  to grow beautiful flowers anytime of the year.  Each kit includes a stylish rectangular tin planter, seeds for a compact flower variety, coco fiber wafers and instructions.  While Blooming Garden will thrive on any sunny windowsill, if the weather is temperate they can be planted out in a patio container for even more blooms.  The flower varieties available are - Dwarf Cosmos (wild & sensational), Tom Thumb Nasturtiums (incredible & edible), and Thumbelina Zinnas (brilliant & beautiful).  Packed with lovely illustrations Blooming Garden is a great new line in growing gifts.

Food Garden Singles are the growing kits for food lovers, chefs and gardeners alike.  The kits feature a stylish square, tapered tin planter, nicely packaged with a kraft board wrap enlivened with humorous hand drawn illustrations.  Four kits are available -' Dark & Lovely' grows Black Cherry Tomatoes,' The Red Devil' grows Wild Rocker, 'Cinn-O-Mite' grows Cinnamon Basil and 'Hot Bonny' grows Scotch Bonnet Peppers.The kits are complete with the coco fiber wafers, seeds and instructions.  Plant in the pretty tin container on a sunny windowsill and transplant to mature.  I planted our sample one week ago and they are already starting to grow!  We have tried Cinnamon Basil because I love the smell of Basil but I'm looking forward to smelling the new Cinnamon one. The coco fiber wafers are so cool they soak up so much water and expand to fill the pot like magic!

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