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Christmas Banquet Fit For Royalty

Here at Baskets Galore we are all busy getting the Christmas photographs updated onto our new site and they are all so colourful it really makes me think about our traditional Christmas meal here in the UK.

Christmas Chilly Banquet Hamper Christmas Chilly Banquet Hamper

Turkey is, of course , the most popular choice for the Christmas dinner, followed by goose, duck and chicken and roast ham.  Never, however, does Swan appear on any menu. In the UK swans are a protected species and traditionally Royalty were the only ones allowed to eat them. They don't any more though but in period dramas like Henry VIII, the swan is brought to the banqueting table dressed in it's feathers and we all cringe!

I was telling the Office staff about seeing the swans again, on the lake and that they were all grown up a lot since my baby blog photograph of June 17th this year. You can see from the latest photo just how much, although, unfortunately there are now only four as the smallest went missing during their second week and a fox was blamed.  The parents have done a fantastic job raising four though and daddy swan was just as protective as ever, hissing at Toby who dared to try to eat their bread.  The cygnets are now able to fly which should further protect them from predators but they will remain a greyish colour, just like the ugly duckling in the story, until the Spring.

older swans

Let us know what you plan for your Christmas dinner.  Just as long as it isn't swan of course!

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