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BasketsGalore’s Best Selling Gifts In September 2015

I always like writing this blog as our sales stats really interest me. I love to have a nosey and see which gift baskets and hampers our lovely customers have been buying each week and see if I agree with the favourites!

Over the last few months our 'Cheese & Wine' and 'GTA' ranges have been on special offer and so they were always ranking in the Top 10. This month I got a bit of a surprise at the results, as things have been shaken up a bit since the launch of our new website. I was surprised to see our best seller wasn't one of these popular ranges, and wasn't even a food hamper. Instead it was.....

1) Boredom Buster - available in a general or get well theme this popular fruit basket also contains some sweet treats as well as a book, magazine and puzzle to keep them entertained - hence the name!

Boredom Buster Get Well


2) Cheesy Sunshine - always featuring in the top 10 this gift basket is a brilliant introduction to the delicious world or BasketsGalore cheese and crackers!

Cheesy Sunshine

3) Gourmet Cheese & Wine and Cheesy Sunshine & Wine Duo - a double whammy of cheese & wine with these 2 gourmet goodie baskets taking joint 3rd place.

4) Chocolate Eruption - mm chocolate, need we say any more?

7906771 Chocolate Eruption


5) Yesteryear Tastes - as the name suggests this hamper focuses on tastes of yesteryear with more traditional flavours such as butter fudge, lemon curd and fruity boiled sweeties.

Yesteryear Tastes

6) Baby Arrival (Girl) - a baby basket has made it into the top 10 this month. We do sells lots of baby baskets but there isn't usually a standout favourite, instead sales are spread amongst them all. However, on this occasion lots of little girls must have arrived at once and received this lovely newborn gift.



7) Birthday Favourites - fruit, birthday cake, chocolate truffles and a cute balloon make a popular birthday gift basket for either him or her.

Birthday Favourites

8) All Things Nice Birthday Basket - Sugar & Spice and all things nice make up this cute little birthday basket.

All things nice birthday basket

9) Flowers & Treats - why just send a bouquet of flowers when they can have flowers and more?

Flowers & Treats

10) Artisan Fayre - organic smoked salmon, crumbed ham, cheese and chocolate tuffles. It's easy to see why this hamper made the top 10.

2400874 Artisan Fayre


So what do you think of Septembers Top 10? Have you been lucky enough to receive one as a gift?

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