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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 29.10.15

Today is a very, very busy day in the office. I'm sitting here juggling between organising the Christmas stock quantities, generating a report on last year's sale volume schedule, taking care of two corporate companies who are lovely, organised and ordering early and also lending a hand in fixing up some pictures with the Design team! Phew, before I knew it, it was noon and I had all but forgotten I was to write the blog today. So off Kate goes, rushing out into the warehouse and thank goodness the baskets were still there and not boxed up yet, because I'm very sure taking a photo of a box and telling you it's so and so basket is not quite as appealing as seeing the actual basket.

Let's start today's dispatch hamper blog off with a new hamper then.

1104491 Titanium RougeThis is a variation of the Great Taste Award Red Titanium (which in turn is a variation of the Great Taste Award Titanium). It's the Great Taste Award Titanium Rouge hamper. What's different? Well, it's a Red Titanium but with a bottle of white wine and also a Pinot Noir - fancy! It also has salmon as well, and ham, but for the life of me, I cannot open the cool bag to fish out the ham and put it on display in the picture. So I'm afraid you will just have to imagine the ham being in the picture - it can't be hard right? I mean, it's just imagine even more food on top of a hamper-ful of food. But I guess the only person who would see this hamper, complete with visible ham, would be the recipient, Patricia in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Happy Birthday! We wish you a good one!

Then, I am thrilled to see there are some chocoholics amongst out customers today. Because it wasn't just one Chocolate Celebration being ordered, but two! Here is a picture of one of them.

7906923 Choc Celebration

I was going to take a picture of both the hampers together but at that moment in time, I didn't have a lot of space on the worktops to work with. Both of the hampers are thank you gifts from the same person. one is for Robert in Dublin and the other is to Kevin, also in Dublin. By the sounds of it, this customer from the US had been visiting a few people during their trip in Ireland. We hope they had a good time despite the weather we had last week!

And then there was another two of the same hampers ordered - two Yesteryear Tastes.

I took a picture of them side by side, one closed and the other open, who that you could get a better idea of what they look like and how amazing it is to open the lid and find it filled with delicious yums. Look, clever me even managed to promp the lid up fashionable with the help of a short white balloon stick.  These hampers are both going as birthday gifts. The left one is for Simon in Bargoed and the right is to a mother in Dublin.

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