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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 22.10.15

We have some great hampers going out today. Big, small, medium, budget, value, luxury etc. There was one of each variant! Which understandably meant i was rather spoilt for choice again today. Eeenie, meanie, miney, mo.... let's go from one end of the scale to the other?

First, I'll choose one of the smaller hampers going today.

1104486 Mega CheesyYou know, it is not until you lined our range of hampers out like this that you realise that whilst it is considered a 'small' hamper in comparison to the larger ones in our selection, it actually really isn't 'small' at all! It's amazing how many things you can fit into these hampers. Just look at the above! And that is not everything! They're like mini-treasure chests. And the one who will be receiving this good looking Mega Cheesy is a Mr. Tony in Cork. Richard from Dubai wishes you a Happy Birthday with this gift. They also noted 'see you soon' so maybe they're coming for a visit for Christmas?

Next, we have a medium basket in the form of the Artisan Eclectic Duo.

2401032 Artisan EclecticThis is one of our new Artisan baskets. Even the name of the basket sounds luxurious. And obviously, that is not the only thing new. Take a look at the Ummera salmon's new packaging! The old packaging gave a traditional feel, but the new one is just looking stylishly fresh! I makes you want to dig into it right away! This hamper is being sent as a Thank You give to Sharon and Joel for being such amazing friends with our customer, Laurence in Guildford. My, I wish my friends would send me something like this when I help them with something.

The last and largest hamper of all leaving us today is the Great Taste Award Platinum New World hamper to Mr and Mrs Bright in Oxford.

1104489 GTA Platinum New WorldWOW! Look at how many delicious looking yummies is in this! And that's not even all the food. There is more buried underneath!. To give you a better concept of how much items might still be underneath the top layer, and also a concept of the size of the hamper, I took a size comparison photo with it closed and next to an apple.

1104489 GTA Platinum New World - COMPARISONYep, Mr. and Mrs. Bright is going to be in for one big surprise! I think I could easily live off the hamper contents for a week... well, if I be good and not eat be greedy and try to eat it all in one day....

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