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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 01.10.15

I am very spoilt for choice with gift hampers today. There was around six of them to choose from by the time I wandered out to the assembly worktops, and a few more in queue being made up. It's certainly a change to some of my Thursdays where I struggle to find the third hamper.

Yesterday, I talked about a couple having their 50th wedding anniversary, today, we have have a hamper going to celebrate a lady's  50th Birthday.

2400699 Chocolate OblivionThis Chocolate Oblivion hamper is sure to impress any birthday girl anywhere. Filled to the lid with chocolate goodness, from truffles, to bars, to sauce, to cake, to muffins, to drinking chocolate. The only thing missing is a chocolate fountain, but that would make the hamper too heavy so we'll have to give it a skip. Dawn, the lucky recipient, is also reminded to not to attempt eating all the contents in one day! It seems like somebody is a really enthusiatic chocoholic here!

After that, we have a Great Taste Award Bronze going to Kiera in Crumlin (Northern Ireland)

1104464 BronzeI think what interested me so much about this particular order was who it's from. You expect something along the lines of friend, collegues, a relation, somebody wanting to thank you for something or somewhere along those lines. But nope, the first thing that stood out to me in the gift message was that this hamper was order by Kiera's Mum's work friends. Whatever the occasion, it seems like Kiera's mum's friends caught wind of it and is sending this lovely gift to help her along the day. Now that is one thoughtful bunch of friends. They are definite keepers.

The last hamper I wanted to feature today is the Mega Cheesy Duo.

7906773 Mega Cheesy DuoI think the picture pretty much explains itself. Just look at it! And that is not all the content as well. There were more underneath the reganas but I didn't want to upset the layout composition because I'm pretty sure I would be able to put them back into quite the same. The Mega Cheesy was originally made last year for Christmas, but we kept it on and whilst it's not vastly popular like the Cheesy Sunshine, it still has its own crowd of cheese loving customers. This one was ordered as a Welcome gift for Ewgeni in Frankfurt, ordered by Justyna & Co who are looking forward to working with her.


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