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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 29.10.15

It is always exciting to see any baskets from our new range being ordered. For hampers, there was the Titanium Rouge, but in gift baskets today, it's the new Sweet & Bubbly basket.

2401220 Sweet & BubblyLook how pretty and elegant it is!. The bottle of bubbly is actually behind the chocolates, where it's safe and secure for transit through the courier system, but for photography purposes, I place it beside the basket to better display the loveliness of this basket. It's like the bottle brings the basket to a whole new level of sophistication, don't you agree? And we are sure it would be much appreciated by Roger and Kate in Eastleigh when they celebrate their anniversary with it.

Right, I originally had two other baskets planned for this section, but just as I finished taking the pictures, it ended up that one of them needed an upgrade and the other one was quickly forgotten about as a more interesting and date appropriate basket got ordered.

As always, I like to sneak a baby basket into this section. It give variation and truly shows off how broad our range of baskets ar, in that not only do we do food gifts, but pamper and baby ones too. The original basket I wanted to feature was a Two peas in a Pod basket for twins. But it had to go through an upgrade process, so went along and picked the next pretty baby basket - the Earth Friendly Baby Basket - Neutral!

2401233 Earth Friendly Baby Basket

Look at all the neutral colouring. I think it makes this basket look very classic, subtle and warm looking. All the contents in the basket are organic and very baby friendly. From the lotion, to the sleepsuits, to the bear. I especially like the Dudu soft beige bear comfort blankie. It's extra soft and you can just imagine it being a cute little baby's sleeping companion.

The other basket I was planning to cover was actually a Mum/Grandma Time, but then along came a Spooky Surprise basket order and I just had to pounce over.

Spooky Surprise

Spooky Surprise is our Halloween basket. It contains all treats and no tricks. Crisps, chocolates, cakes, apples and oranges. This basket is definiately something you can't fit into your goody bag during your neighbourhood treat-or-treat rounds. The sender, Michelle also include a short but cheeky message for the recipient, Louise. "BOO!" she says. Short, to the point and fun. I think it's the best message of the day.


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