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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 22.10.15

How do you know a daily dispatch post was written by Kate? Well, apart from the tendency to start posts of in a seemingly random subject or babbling on and on about something off the bat, I think you can generally tell by if there are any cooing and gushing over soft toys involved. So, without further ado, let's make this a 'Kate' blog post then by immediately starting off with two gift baskets containing two lovingly adorable pink bunnies.

Cozy Cuddles x 2Except they're not really soft toys. Rather, the pink bunnies in these Cozy Cuddles baskets are actually mircowaveable warmers. There is a pouch in their back where you can take out the inner pillow, pop it in the microwave, heat it up then put it back into the cute fellow so that you have a lovable warm companion to snuggle against. Perfect for the current weather, me thinks. It is getting quite chilly nowadays, isn't it?

Speaking of 'chilly', look, a Chill Out basket!

7906875 The Chill Out BasketI found it sitting on the table with a clutch of pink ribbon on top. It's definitely not often that ribbon is found like this on the basket. Mainly because the ribbon does not go on until the basket is shrink-wrapped. So it was effectively there one stage too early? Turns out, it was a rmeinder for the team to ensure the basket goes with a pink decorative ribbons. I wonder if the customer specifically requested it? Maybe the recipient, Amy, in Cork, loves the colour pink?

Lastly, we want to specially mention this basket because it was actually ordered by one of our Facebook fans!

2401067 Special GrandadHi, Carlie! If you're reading this, thank you for ordering from us. We'll send you a proper picture of this basket separately, but we cannot help but want to fetaure it in the blog as well. Carlie ordered the Special Grandad basket for her grandad's 80th birthday in Loughborough. We hope he has a fantastic day tomorrow and enjoys the gift. Pssst, we (ahem-I-ahem) recommend trying the fruit jellies first! They're rich in fruit flavours, have a hint of nostalgia, just the right texture and first come first serve!

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