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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 15.10.15

Another Thurdays, another dispatch blog post by me. Today was actually pretty business, at least I felt it was busy. You can usually tell how busy I am by how much food I am snacking through the day. Today I had one big cup of tea (and I found out, I'm not a fan of sweeteners in tea), a slice of rocky road traybake, a packet of savoury nut mix, I dunno how many pieces of chocolate (less than 5, I think, no worries!), I dunno how many sweets out of my sampler box of Hope and Greenwood Rhubarb and Custard sweets, I dunno how many of other sweeties I have hidden in my cupboard, oh and a cracker. Hey, a girl has to refuel in order to deal with multi-tasking!

Speaking of sweeties and refueling in the office, our first basket of the day is a Confection Perfection.

7906835 Confection PerfectionThere are actually two of these leaving us today, both ordered by the same person but going to different destinations. One if going to Dundalk and the other is going to Blanchardstown. Both have the words 'Teamwork makes the Dream Work' in their gift message. And I can't help but think, wow, that is one perfect inspiring line. I wonder if Amanda, the sender, would mind too much if I note it down somewhere and slip in somewhere in the future where appropriate. It's like something you'll find of encouraging posters, books and adverts!

Rather than a baby basket today, I chose to feature the mummy of the baby instead.

1200921 Breeze Through PregnancyWe all know how tough those months are to carry the bump. This Breeze Through Pregnancy basket is perfect for mummy-to-be to take a moment for herself and relax. Amy, in Twickenham, could start of the evening with a lovely bath with Natalia Organics Pre Natal Bath Soak, apply some luscious body butter afterwards to encourage that pregnancy glow, then kick back and relax with a scented satin eye mask on and fancy chocolates. Maybe with luck, she can convince somebody to feed her said chocolates too, so she doesn't have to fumble for each piece whilst soothing her eyes.

1104477 Battle fo the Biscuits - with extrasYesterday, we had a woman contact us, worrying over the presentation of our gift baskets. She wanted to order one as a sympathy gift but needed reassurance that our baskets are suitable for the occasion. She did not want it to look celebratory and we understood her worries and assured her that the team assembles and theme a basket to suit the occasion and gift message. Part of Baskets Galore's main saying is that we must exceed our customers' expectations. Pretty hard to do if the gift we send out don't match what the customer wants, right?

This morning, the lady ordered a Battle of the Biscuits basket in the end, adding on extra muffins and tea as well. She again reminded us that it's a sympathy basket and must look tasteful and simple. I think it looks suited for the occasion, do you?




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