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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers Baskets 22.10.15

There are a lot of get well gift baskets leaving our warehouse today. Every where I turn and look there was a gift basket with a get well message on it. That, alongside the fact that two office team members are not in work today because of being/taking care of somebody who is sick, really does make me worry that there might be something go round that I wasn't aware of? I have a pretty shoddy immune system so it sounds like I have to be more careful and make sure to take my vitamins.

But instead of boring ol' vitamin tablets, these recipients would be getting their vitamins in the form of wondrous fruit!

803123 CYOThis Customer Creation made by Jennifer for Chris in Bromley, is not only full of vitamin C, but also various puzzles, magazines, pamper items and a construction kit.  Now that is a basket with the recipient's physical and mental well being in mind! Not only that, Jennifer later contacted us and wanted to add more to the basket! A box of luxury chocolates and yet another magazine was added, to make sure that Chris is definitely getting everything he needs for a full recovery all in one basket.

Then, we have the definition basket for this section of the Daily Dispatch Blog. It is titles Fruit and Flower Baskets. And this basket is exactly that: Flowers & Fruit.

2401095 Flowers and FruitOh and a packet of biscuits, a truckle of cheese and a box of chocolates, yes. We need that tiny bit of naughtiness in the form of snacks and treats. It really helps tie the flowers and the fruits together and balances out the appearence of the basket. This one is a get well gift to Rachel in Gillingham. Get Well Soon, Rachel!

The last fruit basket is made purely of fruit. In fact, it's so fruity, it's called the Extra Fruity Gift Basket.2401098 Extra FruityFrom apples, to grapes, to pineapples, to melons and finally to sundried fruit. It's an explosion of fruit! And it's not actually being sent as a get well gift. Rather, it's being sent to Matther in London as a motivational gift, encouraging him in doing whatever he had planned tomorrow. The sender, Hailey, also made a note that reception could sign for it to make sure it doesn't have to wait another day if Matthew wasn't in to sign for it himself. Thank you for this additional information; we will keep track of delivery and let you know when it's delivered, Hailey.

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