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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers Baskets 19.10.15

Surely it can't be Monday again already. I was feeling good & ready for the week ahead, until I took a multivitamin tablet that is. Shortly after taking it I felt a bit queasy and have had a headache. Apparently this can be a common side effect. I'm definitely going to improve the amount of fruit & vegetables in my diet instead now, as at least they don't leave me feeling worse! The fruit baskets in the warehouse today certainly got me in the healthy mood.

First up we have some lovely "Create Your Own" fruit baskets and I must say this thank you one below was really beautiful, ordered for a family in Athlone to thank them for their hospitality. The senders in Roseville USA said in their message that they were going to send a basket of American food but were worried it wouldn't clear customs, so instead they picked local goodies and told the recipients they would just need to visit them instead to try the American ones! They picked lots of lovely gluten free items but the Foods of Athenry as well as cookies, chocolates and cheese.

CYO 503528


Another fruit creation, but this time it's a get well gift for a mum in Bury St Edmunds from her daughter in Christchurch, New Zealand. We think the fruit selections, fruit juice, muffins, cupcakes, choccies and sweeties will definitely help her to feel better and very loved, even from the other side of the world.

cyo 803118


The next customer ordered a few different gift baskets from us, as she had been having building work done at her home and wanted to thank her new neighbours for their patience. I think the pain of the disruption will definitely be eased when her neighbours receive their beautiful gift baskets and apology notes.

Flowers To Say Thank You

The lady purchasing this next gift basket was out first phone call of the day this morning. She wanted to speak to someone in person before placing her order from Australia, to make sure she had chosen an appropriate condolence gift to family in York. A more unusual fruit caught my eye in this gift basket, as it wasn't one advertised. Our packaging team have the authority to add a few extra seasonal fruits to the ones listed in the contents, to give them that extra wow factor. I had to ask what this fruit was, does anyone know? Yes, it's a Sharon Fruit. Sharon Fruit is a native Chinese fruit. It is waxy on the outside, but sweet to taste. It has the colour of an orange, but the crunch of an apple. There you go, I learn something new every day in this job! :)

Floral Sympathy Fruit Cheese Nuts

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