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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 01.10.15

Oh dear my! I can't believe it's October already. It only seem like yesterday that it was the start of summer and now we're heading into Halloween? Wow. Next thing you know, Christmas would be upon us - and it certainly doesn't help that the local major supermarkets had started displaying Christmas chocolates already (we're not even done with Halloween yet!)

Though it's technically mid-Autumn, the weather is holding out surprisingly well. It's not very warm but at least the sky is clear and the sun is out. Of course, now that I said that and knowing my luck, the clouds would open the moment I step out of the office now.

Let's hope the weather stays fine for Charlene who recently got engaged. Her friend Sarah, in Longford (Ireland) is sending her a Chocolate Eruption gift basket to wish her congratulations and also for the basket to be a 'romantic picnic'

7906771 Chocolate EruptionThe only thing Charlene would need now is a bright day, a checkered picnic rug, someplace lovely and a clear slot in her schedule. Easily done, right?

Another basket recipient who might appreciate nice weather would be the little birthday boy who would be receiving this Construction Kid gift basket.

2400763 Construction Kid

Zak in St Albans is having his birthday tomorrow, and Malik, Amira and Sikander in the US would like to send him this basket alongside their birthday wishes for the lucky boy. You would need fair weather to fully appreciate the stunt kite that's in the basket. No worries though, even if it did rain, there's a Lego Truck and a Rally Car to assemble for him to pass time.

Speaking of passing time, isn't it so dreary to do so when you're sick? Well, our Mind Over Matter basket should help with that a bit.

2400756 Mind Over Matter

This one is for a male recipient in Sussex who is suffering from a broken arm (ouch!). Here is some delicious munchies to brighten the day and some puzzles that should help with distracting him from the injury and help pass time. I hope it's not his writing hand he had hurt, or else he might have to recruit somebody to help him with filling in the answers to the puzzle book.


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