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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 15.10.15

Last week, I barelyhad any fruit baskets to cover, this week, I am spoiled for choice again! Should I choose this one with the coconut and looking incredibly elegant? Or should I choose this fun one with a cake? Maybe this other one with truffles? Decisions, decisions, decisions! I wonder if it would be considered cheating to take more than three pictures and save them for a rainy day in the future where I don't have a fruit basket to write about?

In the end, I chose a Boredom Buster Get Well going to Hammersmith Hospital, London, to feature first. Sorry elegant coconut and melon basket, you look graceful but the bright colours on this one stole the spotlight like for me today.

1001880 Boredom BusterInteresting arrangement today though. I had noticed that the warehouse team have a higher tendency to focus the fruit on the left two thirds of the basket, but today Katarzya decided that she's going to focus on the centre instead! Small detail, really. But it finally meant I can prop up the back of the basket to angle it better for photography without worrying that the incline would send the fruit rolling off! Yes! Finally!

Then, we had a basket whic Victoria had been concerned with all day.

7906834 Flowers And TreatsThis Flowers and Treats basket is going to Pauline in Monaghan, Ireland. Problem is, the customer left a comment on the message for us to include a 60th Birthday balloon with the basket, and we don't have such a balloon in stock. Believe it or not, the the size of balloons we have are actually quite hard to stock and the varieties are rather limited to the more generic 'Occasion' designs instead of 'Birthday Age' designs.  We cannot have bigger balloons either, because then it wouldn't fit in the delivery box, we risk it getting damaged mid transit, or it would end up looking bigger than the basket in some of our smaller basket ranges! Can't have that right? You order a basket, you want the main focus on the basket and not the large balloon which may or may not arrive intact, yes?

Now, I mentioned that I can't have my fruit baskets tilted up for photography up above, yes? Why would I even want to tilt it, you may ask? It's a very easy answer: I'm short. So if the basket is not angled, it meant I will have to take a picture from a higher position or else I can't see half the contents. And here is one Customer Creation basket where I cannot tilt lest the fruit at the top roll off:

1104243 CYOAnd you know how I took this photo? I had to climb onto a chair!  Okay, so maybe I don't have to do it for this basket. But look! Isn't it a nice picture? It's a lot different from my usual photos! It's practically bird's eye! I love it!

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