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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 08.10.15

There were no baskets nor hampers with flowers today! Gasp! Shock! Surprise! And please excuse me as I flail my arms, panicking over what to write about now that I had lost the obligatory flowering plant basket component of today's dispatch blog. Thankfully, before I could panic too much, Victoria pointed out that I could do something like our usual Friday's Fruit and Flowers blogs and choose a fruit and flowers alternative basket.

Phew! Day saved by Victoria and cue manic rustling through the order forms for a basket leaving our warehouse which fits nicely into the slow Fruit/Flowers Alternative.

And I found this one!

2400879 Cozy CuddlesCozy Cuddles! What better way to be the complete opposite of fruit and flowers (hence alternative) than a cute little pampering basket? This one was ordered by a company who hosts social media competitions for their clients, and this would be the prize of the their current competition. Sometimes, when we know that companies are giving these away as prizes, we try to look up the competition ourselves,. Not to enter, oh no, we won't do that (though it is tempting for me!) but to check that they got the basket description right as there was once when a comapny got it wrong and had an upset winner because the item they mentioned on the competition wasn't the one we sent out. Talk about a big whoops on the competition company's part!

Next, we'll be sending Get Well wishes with this 5 Star Fruit gift basket.

7906807 Five Star FruitWhat a beautiful selection of fruit. It's so colourful that it's almost like summer in a basket! I do love the use of the bright green shred the warehouse team had used as a base here. It brings out the colours of the fruit and makes them look bright, fresh and fun.  This one was ordered by Deirdre and Dean in Costa Mesa, and it's going to be out for delivery tomorrow to Fergal in Dublin.

And beside it, just as fun and energetica looking is this Revitaliser for Him basket.

2400869 Revitaliser for HimIs it just me or is there something going round? It seems like a lot more people had been feeling unwell recently. My own sister had been sick for about four weeks now! First it was tonsilitis, then it was swollen glands in her throat, then a tummy bug and now a cold. It sounds like she would need a helping to all this fruit as well. Maybe I should be like the customer who ordered this, Gemma, and order one a For Her variant?

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