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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

Happy Tuesday folks! I thought I would upload the week's blog today, in case you are in need of some entertainment to get through the Monday blues. It had been a busy week at BG headquarters, I have had to reschedule numerous deliveries, everyone must be busy watching the Rugby or something because they aren't answering the door to the delivery couriers!

When rescheduling deliveries, I usually have to contact DHL or Nightline, as they are the most popular couriers. When it is a very busy day I can be speaking with DHL advisors from all over the county, from London to Cumbria  or Manchester to Devon. Nightline is a little easier to contact as they usually just ask for an email, so I can email the main depot and get a response from Cork, Galway, Dublin, Sligo etc. It's like I virtually travel all around the country and across water from my office chair!


How I Helped A Customer:

We had an order come in early last week, and this was from Paul in Cork who was sending a Gift Basket to his special someone. He had created his own Gift Basket but forgot to include a Gift Basket or Tray. I was able to talk Paul through paying via PayPal and I confirmed the delivery address so delivery would be made on his desired delivery date.

However, as this was quite a remote address in Ireland and Paul was visiting for business,  delivery was attempted. I needed to get in contact with Nightline and provide them with further directions, but this still didn't stop delivery being difficult! Paul understood the drivers difficulties and I was able to get a local courier to go out again later that evening.

Paul was able to receive his Gift Basket before the weekend and he emailed me a lovely response:

'Thanks for all your help on this.  I can certainly vouch that your customer service is top notch and that I will certainly recommend you and buy from you again in the future'. Thanks Paul!

ArupWZQ_gallery1 Where are you Paul??

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

Another delivery needed my assistance this week! This time I was speaking with the lovely Ingrid who is from Australia. She was sending our Flowers & Treats Gift Basket to her daughter Lisa here in the UK, however she had just left for her special birthday celebrations! I was able to get in contact with DHL and schedule for a neighbour to take delivery for Lisa. This is sometimes an impossible mission, but after a few calls the birthday girl had a Gift Basket to come home to!

Ingrid was kind enough to also post a review on our site:

'Sorry this is a little late. Your beautiful basket arrived on time which Lisa's neighbour signed for. Lisa was very delighted with the contents and loved everything in it, especially the rose plant.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service which I found easy to use online and very speedy. I was also very appreciative of getting an immediate answer to an email I sent when concerned about the delivery, as I found out she wouldn't be home.

I know I will use your services again and thank you so much for everything.
I would be very happy to endorse your family business on Face Book if you are on there and will also encourage my friends to shop with you as well. Warm regards, Ingrid Turner.

Could we ask for a more lovely review?!


Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

Unfortunately this week we had a negative review left on our Reviews site. This was by our customer who had created their own Gift Basket. I had spoken to them before we dispatched their Gift Basket, and was even able to email them a lovely picture of the Gift Basket, as we offer a complimentary photography service.

Our customer did not mention any disappointment, but when I checked our reviews site there was some negative feedback regarding the two balloons which were smaller than she thought.  She had imagined they were 18 inch helium balloons, not 9 inch even though they were advertised and priced for this size. We were of course disappointed that our customer did not email us to give us an opportunity to explain this, especially as we had sent them a photo of the Basket and the Balloons for approval.  We really appreciate if our customers let us know directly if they are not 100% happy.  We are dedicated to resolving any issues, as we want you to feel completely confident shopping with us and rave about your experience to your friends and family.  We are not a large impersonal  enterprise, we are real people who genuinely care.


Best Gift Basket Today:

There is an extra special customer today at Baskets Galore! Unfortunately we will have to put cape of mystery over their identity but let's just say this boyband heart throb knows how to spoil the special lady in their life... Our customer had ordered two Gift Baskets, 1 x Beauty-Licious  and 1 x Take It Easy, so we thought how about just making it one BIG hamper??

So this is the outcome of these two beautiful Gift Baskets combined:


Could a girl ask for more?? :)

Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket:

We had one very excited customer called Joanne from Canada who was purchasing the No.1 Boyfriend/ Husband Gift Basket for her boyfriend in Walden, UK. Joanne was a little new to ordering online so I had to talk her through the online checkout, as she was live-chatting with me at half 3, I informed Joanne that our cut off was 4PM GMT. Unfortunately Joanne missed our cut off time but we had no problem staying online and waiting for her order to come through!

Joanne also wanted to include a picture with her Gift Basket, so I got Kate to use her technology skills and print off a photo that was exactly the size of our BG cards and off Joanne 's Gift Basket went! I also had Andrea take a very nice photo of the Gift Basket before dispatch and email Joanne, this resulted in a very happy email from Joanne:

'Aww, thank you so very much :) It looks absolutely beautiful :) Am very pleased with your online help & yours as well :) Sorry for asking for picture, I've just done orders with sites in the past and not got what was expected, so I am very pleased :) Great site, I will definitely use it again :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks again x'


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