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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

Is it Friday again?! It has been a short week for me as I have been off for 2 days with a ridiculously sore throat. I had an accident with my new mouthwash (typical victoria)  and ended up burning my throat! This resulted in multiple mouth ulcers lining my throat and even on my Uvula! Yuk!

The doctor was strangely amused with this and to quote him 'This is so unusual, I've never seen anything like this... it's on your Uvula!' The only benefits from this was the quick science lesson as I didn't know that the dangly part on your throat was called a Uvula! But back to Baskets Galore, even though I wasn't in all week, it was still an eventful one...

uvula__dr_sonia__ent_specialist_bangalore-14097C1CB7E2A0DFC18How I Helped A Customer:

I had noticed our customer, Cindy from New York, had emailed us as she had ordered Sympathy Gift Baskets for her family in London. She has asked if we could kindly schedule a delivery date with the recipients, as they are going through a very difficult time and are in and out of the house. Cindy had ordered an amazing THREE Gift Baskets packed with every food item possible, including meat and fruit, so delivery was quite time sensitive.

I was able to successfully schedule with the family a suitable delivery date and delivery was made the next day. Cindy's response to her delivery notification was lovely:

'Thank you . Your baskets were well received and indeed put a smile on our family's face during this difficult time. We will definitely be using your company again in the future sincerely, Cindy'

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

We had a customer ordering all the way from sunny Australia to her loved one in Dublin, as it was a very special 50th Birthday Gift. Serena's Gift Basket was out for delivery and she had emailed us  to see if delivery could be changed to a local shop, as her recipient was not in! This is quite difficult to do, as couriers have a pre planned route and stopping a delivery can sometimes be impossible...

But not at Baskets Galore! I was able to contact Nightline Couriers and inform them of the local shop willing to take delivery. This was no problem at all and we had one happy birthday girl! Serena was more than pleased with our service and left a great review:

'Living in Australia we needed to surprise my sister in Dublin for her 50th, we use Baskets Galore here in Australia and was very happy to find a Baskets Galore in Ireland. What fantastic service my sister was over the moon with her Cheesy Sunshine & Wine Duo Basket which included Australian wines. Even after having to change delivery address on the day of delivery all was executed to perfection. I would highly recommend them and hope to use them again in the not to distant future'

Serena even emailed us to say how amazing the Gift was, and the cherry on top of the cake was the rich and delicious Australian Wines... it was like sending a little bit of Australia to Dublin!

cheesyduoSomething Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

Continuing with our Reviews site, we had noticed a not so great Review from our customer Michelle in New Zealand. She was sending a little Get Well package and delivery was not made on her desired delivery date. Michelle left a review as she was upset about this. However, it turned out that Michelle had sent her Gift Basket to an incorrect address. We were able to resolve this and have her Gift Basket delivered the next available day and Michelle was able to update her review:

'I managed to put the wrong address on my gift but it all got sorted really easily. Thanks so much. My sister loves her gift box'

I'm glad to say Michelle is now a happy and returning customer! We are so proud of our Reviews site and even one negative review can affect us, that's why at Baskets Galore we LOVE to hear from our customers and to have the chance to resolve any problems! You can email us at any time and we are ready and willing to help out.

ncoa-rtsBest Gift Basket Today:

I thought I would pick a Gift Basket of the Day, and today I noticed a brand new Basket called: Top Try Gift Basket. This is out just in time for the Rugby World Cup! It is being sent as a Get Well Gift, so the recipient can read up on all the games and then watch them while snacking on some amazing treats and drinks!

rugby-basketMost Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket:

We had one very happy customer called Daniela from Brazil who was sending a Birthday Gift Basket for her Son who lives in London. She was enquiring about a few changes and customisations, and of course we are more than happy to help! Once her order was finalised, we received an AMAZING reply:

'I have no words to describe how impressed I am with your company and all your sweet answers. You really helped me make one guy happy there in London and his whole Family here in Brazil. Thanks a lot !!!

If you ever need something here, please let me know and I’ll help you, ok? The world would sure be a better place if people were so kind as you are at Basket Galore!!! I’m your #1 fan!!!'

WOW, what a reply! We will be sure to look you up Daniela if we are ever in Brazil! :)


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