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10 Steps Of Placing An Order Online

Have you ever wondered what happens to your order when you place one online? Perhaps not, perhaps you just hit order and wait for it to arrive at your door, as if my magic.

Well at BasketsGalore your order actually goes through quite a lot of steps before it arrives with you.

1) We are notified - ping. Your order arrives in our sales inbox!

2) We confirm payment, print your order, check the delivery date & send a copy to the warehouse for production.

3) We check the delivery address is correct (as most of our gifts are ordered for delivery to a different address than your own)

4) We select a suitable gift card & print your message

5) We select the courier to ship your order with & generate the delivery label.

6) We send your order paperwork to the packaging team (who have been busy packing, wrapping & decorating each gift on order.)

7) They match your paperwork up with the correct gift basket.

8) They attach the gift card message & box your gift basket.

9) They apply the shipping label to the box.

10) Our courier collects your parcel from our warehouse.

delivery man

These 10 steps may not seem like that much, but a lot of the stages are very time consuming. Actually assembling the gift basket is the longest part of the process, which is why we send the list of orders to the warehouse 1st thing in the morning. They have to select the basket or hamper, line it with shred, select all the items to include from the packing list, make them all fit neatly and safely, shrink wrap & bow the basket, apply the gift card, box the hamper and tape it up, apply the delivery label and sort them by courier for collection - phew!

Another step that takes quite a bit of time is producing the delivery label. The Admin Team have to check the address, contact our customers if they think there is an error, choose the best courier and actually generate the label. When I first joined BasketsGalore in 2006 we were still hand writing every address label! We then progressed to typing each address in and printing a label and then to importing a spreadsheet of addresses so as we didn't have to type them in. For the past few years we have been using Linnworks, which takes a copy of all the orders from our eCommerce platform. You simply look the order up, assign it to a courier and print the label off. As you can see we've been getting quicker and quicker and this allows us to process your orders more efficiently.

The ideal for us is to have a direct integration with our eCommerce system so as you simply select the date and it prints all the labels for the orders going that day, easy peasy! We are working on this in time for Christmas, but in the meantime our lovely IT team have come up with a back up plan as these type of integration's can take months to request, implement and test. One day we hope we can simply make ourselves a cup of tea, have a biscuit and watch the orders process themselves. But then, what would we be needed for?!

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