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Our 5 Favourite Things About Autumn

Today is officially the first day of Autumn. For some people that may be a good thing, and for some people not so good as it means summer is over. We have put together our 5 favourite things about Autumn to remind you just how great it can be!

Fav Things About Autumn

1) Autumn Colours

The colours of nature in Autumn are just beautiful as the leaves fall from the trees and produce wonderful shades of red and gold. My son was born at the start of October and the colours in his 1st birthday photos are amazing.

2) Cosy Clothes

It's an excuse to add some new warmer pieces to your wardrobe, but then do we really need an excuse to go shopping! You can stop shaving those legs at last and wear woolly tights, corduroy and cashmere again.

3) Log Fires

We can enjoy cosy evenings in the house cuddled up in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea or warm cider - bliss!

4) Comfort Food

It's out with the salad and in with seasonal comfort foods such as casseroles, chunky soups and roast dinners - yum!

5) Holidays

Halloween and Bonfire Night fall in Autumn which are occasions both kids and grown ups enjoy. It's also the countdown to our most favourite time of year, Christmas!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn? Or do you hate Autumn and prefer another season?

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