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One Chocolate and Fruit Basket, minus the chocolate!

This week we had quite an odd request for a Gift Basket, I answered an incoming call and got through to the lovely Ruth, who is a past customer. You might remember the blog we made about the Berry Fruity Gift Basket that included extra boxes of fruit? Well Ruth was the creator of that Gift Basket and she  was in need of another healthy, fruity Gift Basket and she had her sights set on our Tropical Chocolate Fruit Basket... hold the chocolate! 

Ruth wanted to create a tasty combination of fruit, olives, nuts and tea! She had requested if we could replace all the chocolate items with a variety of these and of course, it was no problem at all! I passed this onto Lynne along with a list of the original Gift Basket contents, as well as Ruth's requested changes, and Lynne worked her magic, creating one tasty Gift Basket!


We included some mind-blowing and mouth-watering , Almond Butter, Qi Organic Teas, Forest Country Fruit & Nut, Olives and we also kept some sneaky Chocolate Enrobed Fruit

Ruth was making this Gift Basket for two lovebirds who are celebrating their anniversary in Killiney, Dublin. This Gift Baskets creates a generous variety of delicious items for the couple, maybe they will take this on a picnic or have a romantic night in?

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