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Basketsgalore Customer Gifts - 7th September

Monday is always the busiest day for dispatches here in BG world, and today is no different.  We're a bit short staffed here in the office, due to a couple of our lovely colleagues being on annual leave, and one poor soul being too ill to come to work.  So sadly I've only been able to take a few quick snaps of some of the fab Gift Baskets leaving us today, as it's been the usual Monday madness in the office.

At the time I managed to rush out to the warehouse the theme of the Baskets on the production line seemed to be Get Well Soon, as 3 of the 6 Baskets I photographed had get well soon messages.  As per the normal the ever popular Get Well Favourites Basket was one of today's favourites.  Filled with healthy fresh fruit, a bright and colourful message balloon, and a selection of everyone's favourite sweet treats makes this a perennial top seller.  Both Baskets are now on their way to a lady recuperating after an operation in hospital in Belfast, and the other to a much loved work colleague in Buckinghamshire.


Another very popular Get Well Basket for blokes is our Entertain You Basket which incorporates some grown up toys including a train set, aeroplane construction kit and best selling novel - guaranteed to keep the boredom at bay.

Sneaking into the midst of the Get Well Baskets I took a quick snap of one of our lidded Gourmet Gift Hampers - the Artisan Deli, which is being sent from a company in Dublin to their counterparts in London to welcome a new member of staff to the company.  Accompanied by a chilled ice pack containing some delicious gold medal award winning smoked salmon, ham and cheese means she will be able to have a picnic lunch at her desk!

My favourite Gift Baskets are always the Miscellaneous (Non Food) and New Baby Baskets, but maybe that's because I am slightly biased, as I am the person responsible for their design!  In our Little Monkey Baby Girl Basket Meme the Monkey is modelling the gorgeous designer baby girl classic day set by Olive and Moss.  Also on the menu today is a Yummy Mummy Basket ordered all the way from the USA and destined for a new Mummy in London.  It's filled with everything she needs to help her get through the first few difficult weeks of parenthood!

Last but not least we'd like to wish Charly a very Happy 30th Birthday.  I loved the gift card message associated with the Gift Basket today as it gave me a chuckle - "There's no better time in your life to celebrate.....unless you're 29 or younger hahahahaha"  Very amusing, and it definitely made me smile!


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