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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 24.09.15

Hello there! Welcome back me! Yes, tis Kate again. Here to bring you my usual chatter every Thursday again.

As you may remember from the blog posts the past few weeks, I had been away on holiday in Hong Kong to visit family.... or well, that's the nice way of putting it. In truth, the kitchen roof of my ancestral home over there is actually on the verge of collapsing so we had to go back and sign documents off to get it fixed AND beg our grandmother to please move out of the house because the kitchen could actually collapse at any time and we don't want her anywhere near it when it happens. I shall let you know that my grandmother is a very stubborn old lady and it took the collective effort of all her grandkids whining, begging and giving her the almost-crying-please-please-please face to get her to move out of the house (then she proceed to sprain her wrist going up the stairs in her new temporary accomodation, went on to complain and fuss that it wouldn't have happened if she stayed in the old place)

Honestly, after my grandmother's overdramaticness, I am VERY content to be back here where things are normal and, today, extra cute!

2400641 Bright BeginningsLook at how colourful and beyond adorable this basket is! I walked into the basket preparation area and saw this wonderful creation and just HAD to snap a picture of it. It's the Bright Beginnings basket and whilst I had seen the name and reccommended it to customers before, it's not until now that I saw the physical basket that I realise how vibrant it is. Just by having it sitting in the room, you can already feel the atmosphere is a lot more cheerier.

This one is for little baby Freya Alice, in Maldon. Sent by Doreena in San Antonio, Texas. Little Freya Alice is going to be in for a world of wonders with all these cute little toys. And just before I left the basket alone, I just so happen to catch sight of the back of it.

Oh dear Popsicle, it's certainly not that glamourous being a tall bear, is it? You get stuck at the back and not even in a very comfortable position either. No worries, it's only until you reach your new owner and then you can get all the snuggles you want.

Onto the next basket, we have a mystery request from a customer to have a photo of a basket before dispatch.

7906740 Baby Love BoyIt's a Baby Love Boy is for Aoife and Mark Kelly in Castleknock, Dublin. Now what exactly is so mysterious about this basket you may ask? Well, the mystery is that the order clearly notes that the customer had requested a photo, but nobody in the office have any idea when and who noted this on the order! So we're scratching our heads, wondering if a request really was made or not and whether we really should send a photo or not. The best option is obviously to send it anyway... surely nobody would mind getting a photo of their lovely basket before dispatch, right?

The third daily dispatch basket of the day actually made me laugh. It's a Customer Creation basket so everything is picked and chosen by our customer.

803087 CYOThere is popcorn (or in this case, poshcorn), a face mask, chocolates, a candle, a mug, a balloon and more. It's definitely a pick-me-up kind of treat, and it's being sent to Judy in Wantage, to celebrate her birthday and also clearly written in the gift message that the reason it's being sent to Judy's workplace instead of her home was because the sender wanted to embarress Judy in front of her collegues! NICE! Er, I mean, sorry Judy!

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