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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 30.09.15

Wow, there are a lot of orders going out today which have more than one baskets. The first being two Flowers & Chocolate gift baskets

2400738 Flowers & Chocolate X 2Jenny in Auckland, New Zealand, wants to send this to Jayne and Robert in Warrington as thank you got looking after Peter during his stay over here in England. Since it is to two people, I guess it's one basket each? I guess that would definitely solve the problem of making sure they each got their own fair share of the basket contents. No need to fight for chocolate when you have a packet each, no? Let's hope one pack is enough for each of them and they wouldn't start getting the idea of pinching out of the other person's basket (I would so do that!)

Then another two basket order.

2400737 Cheesy TY Duo & Sparkling PassionateThis one is different, they're two different baskets. One is a Cheesy Thank You Duo basket and the other is a Sparkling Passionate Fruit basket. But together, they make one of the most impressive order leaving us today. Don't they look maginificently grand together? Together, they have all the cheese you could wish, four bottle sof wine (one of which is sparkling), fruit, bisuits, olives, chocolate sauce, more snacks, and oh my, let's stop tempting our readers now and just surmise that team of people these are going to tomorrow in Croydon would in for one amazing thank you treat tomorrow.

The last basket is a gorgeous fruit basket.

2400754 Tropical Chocolate FruitI really do love taking pictures of fruit baskets. They're always so fresh, vibrant and joyful looking, especially so if they have tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango and coconut. They really bring the basket to life, me thinks. This one is a Tropical Chocolate Fruit basket. And you guess it, it's made entirely of fruit and chocolate goodness. The perfect combination if you ask me.


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