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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 24.09.15

So, I had just finished talking about weddings in the Hamper dispatch post and it turns out, I turn around and there is a fruit basket leaving us today which is kind of for a wedding occasion as well.

2400636 Flowers to Say Thank YouIt is not a wedding themed basket, rather it's a Thank You themed one, but Caroline in Australia would like to send this Flowers to Say - Thank You basket to Amber in Totnes for the wedding album she created.

We all know these wedding albums truly take a long time and effort to make, but it's all worth it when you turn the pages in the final product and find all your precious wedding moments captured perfectly in photos which would be there for many years to come. On a cliched marketing turn-around, I will now not so wittily say 'Just like our flowering plant!' because I have one of these flowering plants left behind from Mother's Day stock a year and a half ago, and let's just say it is a lively little thing and is determined to keep growing up, blossom and constantly hinting for me to get it a new and bigger plant pot.

Next up:

2400633 Ultimate Get Well For HimIs it just me or Brody the bear looked like he is posed as if contemplating whether he wants to take a nibble at the food beside him? I wonder if Katarzya did this intentionally or if it was completely unintentional. What do you think he is eyeing up? I think it's the muffin beside him but his eyes seems to be looking a bit further and honing in on the grapes?

Whichever it is, I'm sure he will be on his best behaviour and not take any bites out of this impressive Ultimate Get Well Gift for Him which is going to Rob in Southampton. The sender would also like to tell Rob to 'leave those nurses alone and get your backside out of hospital!!'

Then, we have this charming Customer Creation which simply just look artistic - no I am not complimenting my own photography skills, the basket really do look that nice. Check it out:

803088 CYO

There is just something very, for the lack of better word, green about this creation, and it makes it look fresh, instead of boring. It looks like something that you'll get out of some posh competition, doesn't it? Well, if so, the lucky 'winner' of this basket is Dave in London and the sender is, I'm guessing here, his collegues in his work place because Dave is not feeling to well and needs this elegant pick-me-up.

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