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The Other (Important) Side of the Packet - Part 2

Okay, with myself heading off for my very late summer holidays on Monday, everything is rush, rush, rush. Spreadsheets needed done, things needed calculated, sales receipts needs accounting for and I had given up all hopes of even considering filing them away properly (usually by order date because it means I can look up those weird orders with weird VAT figures easier) and in the back of my mind, I'm trying to figure out what summer clothes do I still have that would still fit me. Tonight, my uncle is throwing us a dinner at his house because he only just got back from holiday and this would be our last seeing him until three weeks later when we get back from the other part of the world. And needless to say, he is fretting fantastically about what to cook. Why? Because I'm allergic to dozens of things, which sometimes coincide or pitch me against what HIS kids are allergic to.

What can I say, allergies are a bit thing in my family. And we cannot express how grateful we are with food products all being clearly labelled with allergens nowadays. With that said, I am ecstatic to see my baby allergen project had finally made its way online with the new website!

New Look Website 2015 Click me to go to the Allergy Page




Even though it was my pet project, I have to say, it looks mighty snazzy and I am mighty proud of it. I even split it into categories so you can find the food products even easier and it has clickable links within the PDF files.

And to show you how detailed the information on the packaging could be, check out the Pates in the Deli PDF, it comes in 6 different languages! Granted, not all product packaging are that detailed and I later had to exclude the contents lists in other languages because I simply cannot find a clear way to fit the information onto one page without somebody requiring a magnifying glass to read the text.

I will update these files as we add new products to the stock as well so that our customers would always be in the know on all these vital nutrition and allergy information.



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