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The Big Fat Gift Basket Task

We LOVE gift baskets so much that sometimes we get a bit excited and create lots and lots of different ones!

You may have read lately that we are about to launch our new website and so we thought this was the perfect time to have a bit of a 'clear out'. By clear out I don't mean physically though, as we make all your baskets up freshly each day & so there are no "old" ones sitting about. I mean a clear out of the very long list of ones we have available to buy.

The Admin Team were charged with the task of adding all the products to the new online store and so we asked our in-house spreadsheet whizz Kate to come up with a list of all current gift baskets and hampers. She presented us with a list of over 500! We were able to whittle this down by another good bit by checking for "disabled" i.e discontinued/old baskets, but it still left us with A LOT to add. And this was only gift baskets, not individual products like on our "Create Your Own Gift Basket" site!

We put Kate's list onto a shared document so as we could all work off the same sheet, literally and set about tackling certain sections each. Slowly but surely the new site started to become populated with our lovely baskets. As we worked through the list we were able to remove more "older" baskets, those which had products which couldn't be replaced in them and some which hadn't sold in high enough numbers and so could be discontinued.

basket list


The next step is to go through all the newly populated sections and see if any are overcrowded or if any need bumping up a bit. Each gift basket and hamper also has to be assigned at least one similar gift for the "You might also like this" section to give our lovely customers gift inspiration.

We still have a little way left to go, but we're on course for the new site to launch next week (W/C 10th August 15). Wish us luck. I'm really hoping we don't find a big section we have missed!

Which is your favourite gift basket, and do you think it will make the final cut?

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