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Practical Vs Pampering Get Well Gifts

For the past week or so I've been suffering with an awful headache on and off & was feeling very tired so I knew something was working on me. Then in the last couple of days the familiar tell tell signs arose that I was getting what I always get...a sinus infection. First comes the sore head, then the ears, throat, toothache & snotty nose so in the end you are wishing for a new head entirely! I awoke this morning feeling like I had razor blades in my throat and upon further inspection realised I had mouth ulcers and throat ulcers -ahh!

My sister Lynne also suffers badly with mouth ulcers and we are always trying to figure out what triggers them - white wine, tomatoes, stress, being run down etc. I think this latest set have come from feeling run down and so I'm in desperate need of a pick me up!

If I was to create a basket for myself of what I actually needed, like a Common Ailment Gift Basket, it would consist of tissues, lip balm, painkillers, ulcer gel, throat spray, soup and water. So all those practical things to get you through the worst of your illness.

If I was to create one of special treats that I would love to cheer myself up with it would be from our Pampering range rather than the Get Well range, as it's a bit difficult to eat at the moment.

'Spa At Home' would probably best suit my current mood as the eye mask might help to relieve my headache. I could enjoy a lovely relaxing bath with the bath salts with the scented candle lit. Then I could persuade my husband to give me a neck massage before cuddling up in the warm body wrap. Those chocolates also just happen to melt in your mouth and so I could probably even manage one of those!

What would you include in your common ailment basket or pick me up treat? Do you prefer practical or pampering gifts?


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