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Our Favourite Things About The New BG Website

I'm sure you have heard us harping on about our lovely new website by now but we can't help it, but we just LOVE it!

New Look Website 2015

I asked around the office and warehouse to find out what my colleagues thought, and asked them to pick out a favourite feature.

Roma loves the new 'Search' facility. The old one used to bring up A LOT of results and quite often we need to look up a product quickly on behalf of a customer etc. This has helped to make it quicker and easier. We are also still configuring the search to bring the best available offering to our customers when searching for "cheese", "gluten free" etc.

Kate admires the new clean layout and design that this particular template has brought, and is also a fan of the new one step checkout.

Victoria likes the "look" as she thinks all the images look very professional and modern now. These category images will also be updated on a monthly basis by our design team to keep it fresh and relevant to the current month.

Lynne likes the fact that she can tell you more about each section with the larger introduction text boxes. She loves to write you see and enjoys explaining the thought behind each gift basket section.

Neil loves the responsiveness of the new site, meaning the design automatically adjusts to suit the device you are viewing it on.

Jonny was a major player in the building and design of the new website and so his answer to "What is your favourite thing about the new website?" was "That it's done!"

I love just about everything to do with the new website, but one thing we have wanted for ages was to combine the shipping and delivery date aspects of the checkout. This gives us greater control over which baskets are available on which days and also benefits the customer as they can see straight away. Being the Social Media person I also love the blog and Twitter integration's!

Selina loves the integration with our merchant reviews website and the new star ratings for individual product reviews.

Laura was the 'Image Queen' when it came to designing the new site and so she just loves the pretty image sliders and category images she can create now.

Luke thinks the background image is particularly clever, nothing to do with the fact that he created one for each month using all the different occasion gift baskets we offer!

The warehouse also love the easier search & navigation and link up to their dispatch and stock control system.

There are of course a few little things we are still working on, but all in all the launch has been a success.

We welcome feedback on anything you find confusing or that could be improved so please just let us know if you come across anything.

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