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National "Just Because" Day

The 27th August is home to 'National Just Because Day'.

National Just Because Day

This is a day to do something different or unusual. Something  you've always wanted to do but don't usually, as there are certain things we are expected or required to do instead. Or something unexpected, without reason perhaps?

We have seen an increase in orders of "Just Because" gifts lately, and what better day to send one. Sometimes they gift is just because they love them, just because they deserve it or just because they are thinking of them.

So what would you like to do? Not something you have to do, but just because you can? You can read more about the origin here.

The thing you do can be for yourself or for someone else. Treat them to something they've mentioned wanting to have or do. Eat that chocolate bar perhaps, buy that dress you've always wanted or let them have control of the remote for the evening. Or you could join that class you've been thinking about or walk around the house naked! Lol, it's up to you :)

I'm very boring and think I'm going to have chips for dinner and do something special with my son after work.

We'd love to hear what you get up to?

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