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Montezuma's New Caramel Bombes

Taste Test Thursday saw us all 'busy' trying out these new arrivals at the warehouse. Yes it's a hard job but somebody has to do it!  We can't have you lovely customers getting something in your baskets that we don't love ourselves, now can we?

The Zesty Caramel Bombes are an explosion of flavour & fun squeezed inside a thick chocolate ball.  A Caramel Bombe is a flavour explosion like no other. Covered in a thick chocolate shell, one bite and the soft delicate caramel will be oozing out.  You have been warned!  They come in 3 flavours;  Breeze - a Milk chocolate ball with a Fruity, Mango caramel centre,  Flurry - a Dark Chocolate caramel ball with a lime and sea salt centre and Pulse - an Orange Oil with sweet caramel in a White Chocolate shell.

The Spicy Caramel Bombes also come in 3 flavours;  Hurricane - a White Chocolate Caramel ball with a mango, lime & chilli twist,  Monsoon - a Milk Chocolate ball with a strawberry & peppercorn caramel centre and  Tornado - a Salt Pepper and Chilli with a sweet caramel and dark chocolate shell.

This time there was a bit of a twist to the taste testing in that each person was allocated a chocolate and then also got to choose one.  These they then compared.

1.  Milk Chocolate with Mango Caramel - Victoria said that it was a smart combo, nice fruity and caramel which made it taste lovely.  Jonny said that this was melt in the mouth milk chocolate with a subtle fruity after taste, lovely!

2.  Dark Chocolate with Lime and Sea Salt - Andrea thought that this was really tangy and delicious with a delicate salty taste. Lynne thought it was seriously rich dark chocolate just the way she likes it with a strong tropical taste of lime, "which makes me wish that I was sitting on a beach."

3.  White Chocolate with Orange Caramel -  Both Kate & Lynne chose this one and Kate thought that the caramel was 'oozingly' smooth and not overly sweet and sticky.  The orange caramel gives a more fruity fragrant taste whilst the mango gives a warm and almost nostalgic taste that she can't quite pin down!  She thinks maybe a second one would help!  Lynne thinks that the white chocolate is deliciously smooth and the orange flavour has a really natural taste and that the caramel lets the flavour really burst into your mouth when you bite.  Lynne states that she doesn't normally like white chocolate but this tastes luxurious and expensive with the proper cocoa content.

4.  Dark Chocolate with Salt, Pepper and Chilli -  Laura thought that this was delicious and the chilli pepper provided a short burst of pleasant heat.  Roma liked this one and could really feel the pleasant chilli flavour in the back of her throat.

5.  Milk Chocolate with Strawberry & Peppercorn -  Andrea loved the smooth strawberry taste, then the pepper hits with a spicy aftertaste.  Laura liked this one a lot but didn't taste any pepper in it.  As I was not here yesterday I decided to try out this one and found that the pepper was very subtle and only served to bring out the strawberry flavour!

6.  White Chocolate with Mango, Lime & Chilli - Victoria thought this was surprisingly refreshing. The white chocolate was good with the mango, then the chilli kicks in the back of your throat!  She says that although a picky eater this was a great one to try!  Laura thought that this was sweet and refreshing and that the chilli adds a bit of spicejust befor being swallowed.

These have now been put forward for inclusion in our Gift Baskets in the near future.  We feel that the fruity flavours will suit our summer basket range and the spicy flavours will be excellent for the cooler weather.  Look out for Montezuma's Caramel Bombes alongside their Giant Organic Chocolate Buttons!

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