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Keeping In Touch With You

At BasketsGalore we don't like to bombard our customers with emails, except for when you have placed an order.

When you order with us you receive lots of lovely order and delivery updates, which of course are very welcome by most.

Throughout the rest of the year we only send the odd email out before the major gift giving occasions, such as Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day and Christmas. These act as a little reminder for both the occasion and when your orders need to be in by so as we can arrange delivery in time.

I was recently tasked with researching new email marketing partners to connect with our CMS and ecommerce platform so as we can keep in touch with our lovely customers more efficiently.

We don't intend to start bombarding you with emails every day, so please don't worry. It will just help us to identify when you placed an order for a birthday basket for example, and so we could send you a little reminder. We will also send you details on any offers, sales or discounts available during the year, rather than just in December.

You will have full control over which emails you receive however. For example, you might only wish to receive discount emails, competition emails, or specific gift occasions (birthday, get well, thank you, fruit baskets etc) or even just the overall company newsletter. You can decide, and of course if you don't want to hear from us at all you can automatically unsubscribe.

We just wanted to give you notice that you won't be inundated with contact, only the things you care about, as we know constant emails can be a little annoying!

Having done my research, I am pleased to announce we're teaming up with Pure 360 and look forward to starting the integration process next month.

Please give us some tips - what is the most memorable email you have ever received, for either good or bad reasons?

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