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Flagging Up New Ideas & Quality Control

Always looking for ways to improve our processes in the Warehouse, Neil has come up with an innovative new idea to simplify Basket production, for all our staff. The worst case scenario would be if a product were to be left out of a Gift Basket when it is being created. Although our Baskets are double checked before they are wrapped, there is always the element of human error. Therefore to minimise this further Neil has come up with a system of using coloured flags to denote key stages of production.

1.  A green flag denotes that this Basket is complete and can be gift wrapped and boxed.

2.  A red flag means that something is missing from the basket and it should be left waiting.

3.  A white flag means that the basket needs an Ice Pack added to it containing either salmon, ham or cheese.

4.  An orange flag means that a flowering plant needs to be added to the basket.

We managed to take a few snaps on the day it was introduced and so far it has been working very well. When a team of people are working together it is helpful to mark the status of each basket, so as one isn't passed through for gift wrapping too early etc.

Each basket starts life with a red flag while the shred and ambient components are added. If the baskets are non-perishable then they can immediately switch to a green flag once these items have been added.

If the basket has a fresh component to add next it gets either the white flag for meats & cheese or an orange flag for a plant or fresh fruit. Only when the fresh components have been added to the ambient base will the flag be changed to green.

Sometimes the warehouse will leave a red flag in if they would like Management to check over the gift basket. This can because it is a 'Create Your Own' basket and may need a little something extra to complete it. We know it's hard to imagine how something will look when you pick all your own items & so if we feel there is a little gap or something missing, we will add this on a complimentary basis so as the gift looks its absolute best. Other orders to be flagged for additional checks will be ones with special request items we have bought in especially. For example, this week we had requests for black pudding, blue cheese, golf balls and berry fruits.

Once the gift wrapping team are given the "Green Flag" status they can get to work on shrink-wrapping, cellophane wrapping and bowing. We make sure every gift looks amazing as we want both the recipient and our customer to be delighted.

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