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Emergency Flower Dash

Have you noticed that going away on holiday can sometimes cause you a bit of work stress in advance? You probably have a long list of things to get done before you go that can't possibly wait until you get back and so it's rush, rush, rush!

Lynne was going away for 2 weeks lately and was busy placing orders for replacement stock before she went. When I arrived into the office the next day I found a list of things still "To Do" and number 1 was to order flower bags and spotty cellophane wrap. We are usually very organised and order in advance of these items running out, but unfortunately we'd had a particularly busy couple of weeks with flowering plant baskets and they had run right down in a short space of time.

We've blogged before about the art involved in creating the flowering plant gift.  An attractive plant box, cellophane wrap, pretty gift bag and ribbon all combine to create that beautiful floral arrangement to go alongside your gift basket of choice, creating a wonderful overall gift. They are so much better than just a bunch of flowers, as they last longer and you 2 gifts in 1!

Luckily this particular supplier is local to us and so we can usually arrange for someone to collect the items quite quickly, but with quite a few staff members away on holiday we asked for delivery instead. There was a Bank Holiday coming up on the Monday too, but Peake Blooms saved the day and managed to have the order out to us as soon as they re-opened. Hurrah, no-one would have to do without. All I had to do now was hope that I'd ordered the right stuff. Pink, Cream, Green Bags (a few less came, but that wasn't a disaster) and white spotty cellophane - check, mostly present and correct. Phew!

Now what was next on my "To Do" list......

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