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Do Real Men Use Face Masks?

This is what we asked our male staff members when we received our first consignment from 7th Heaven, including their new herbal face masques for men. Well for the younger members of staff it was a decided 'No way'. For the slightly older males, and also partners of staff members it was a definite case of 'Well I'll try it- if I must', and for others it was 'Oh I love these sorts of things and I've tried them before'.  A bit of a mixed bag, but it takes all sorts doesn't it. And as it is mainly ladies who buy our gift baskets, we've noticed our male pampering gift baskets have been a bit of a hit.

The 'Dirt & Grime' self warming sauna mask comes with cinnamon & ginger to open your pores and rid your skin of impurities leaving you with a smooth complexion.  ("As smooth as your best chat up line" to quote the advertising, but perhaps I'd better leave that bit out). You simply slap on, chill for 15 minutes then shower off.

The 'Deep Pore Cleansing' peel off mask with Spearmint is enriched with mud from the Dead Sea.  This is left on for 20 minutes when it goes hard and is then peeled off leaving smooth, refreshed skin.

The 'Rescue Mud Masque' for men gives skin a wake-up call with a burst of natural orange oil and dead sea minerals to revive your skin. Simply cleanse, apply and leave 10 -15 minutes during which time it will harden, conditioning and deep cleansing your pores.  Then rinse off,  their 'steamy shower' is optional but sounds lovely!

You may have read in our previous blog how Stephen tried a peel off mask out for us when we first received samples. Now he can repeat the experiment with a specialised "for men" mask as we know how much he enjoyed it!


These face masks are also available in the male pamper section on our 'Create Your Own Gift Basket' site, if you want to test it out and slip one in amongst other foodie treats! We bet he secretly enjoys pampering himself!

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