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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 27.08.15

Today isn't actually a very busy day orders-wise. But the customer service side of things were certainly active enough. Victoria had been on and off the phone with a lady in Dublin for a good part of the morning and afternoon. Why? Well, the lady needs a hamper urgently delivered to a recipient in Ireland tomorrow and she must have it as a timed delivery.

As you may be aware from our Delivery page on our website, we don't really offer time specific services in Ireland because these services are limited to non-existent with our Irish courier services. We have to contact the couriers themselves each time and ask them if they will do it as a special service for us and how much it would be. In fact, sometimes I wonder if they just decide on the spot of our call whether they felt like taking on such a delivery or not and how much to change. It seems to be different each time! (It's not, it just highly depends on staff availability, quantities and also whether it's an option for that service area)

After many back and forth with the couriers and our customer, Victoria finally sent the order through to the warehouse and it's confirmed that it will be dispatched today and out for delivery tomorrow. Now you may ask, what is this hamper that is so fancy that it required a time specific service?

600526 GTA DiamondIt's a Great Taste Award Diamond! Hooray! Have I mentioned how much I love this hamper? I'm fairly sure I covered this in the past but it's like this giant amazing hamper brimming with yummy and delicious food. The contents list for it is very long and really gives the impression that it practically has every different food item we have in stock crammed under one lid. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Now, before I let my gluttonous daydreaming side fly off too far, let me drag myself down with this next small hamper.

2400151 Anniversary WishesIt's an Anniversary Wishes. And it's being sent to celebrate Karen's Silver Anniversary. That's the 25th anniversary for those of you who are like me, who could never remember which anniversary is named which title. Usually, I could kinda guess the metal related ones, but once you throw in Pearl, Diamond, Ruby and oh dear, I'm lost. Thankfully, for any customers who are about as clueless as I am on this topic, in our drop down box for this hamper, we include the numbers beside it so you can rest assured you won't accidentally choose the wrong gift card to include.

I actually had a backup Cheesy Sunshine variant hamper lined up to be covered for the last hamper of this blog post. But as always, I changed my mind in the last second and snapped this good looking fellow sitting on the counter instead.

803061 CYOIt's a Customer Creation! And boy is it unique. I don't often see bears in hampers and when I do, it is always so charming to open the lid of the hamper and see them peeking cheekily (or shyly, depending on your point of view) out of the shred. I never however see activity fun packs for children included in a lidded hamper though and certainly not with a box of pamper items as well! This is one hamper that you can just tell at a glance that the sender had put a lot of thought in to make sure there is something for everybody. We hope Sarah's family is ready for this thoughtful masterpiece of a gift hamper.

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