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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 26.08.15

Next up is the daily dispatch of Gift Hampers, these are more gourmet with meats such as salmon, ham, venison etc. They can range from small hampers that are lidded to our luxury hampers that close. We have a generous range of Hampers; The Gourmet Range, The Traditional Collection, Cheese and Wine Hampers , Artisan producers, and the Chocolate and Champagne Hampers. You are definitely making a statement when you send something this great!

I will start off with  our Great Taste Award Bronze Duo Hamper, this is being sent from a company in OHIO to an employee who has recently reached an amazing milestone: Retirement!

What a lucky duck, they can celebrate either with a chilled night at home watching the soaps and eating some delicious chocolates and biscuits with the indulgent caramel coffee or crack open something stronger and have a  party knowing you don't have to get up early tomorrow! I don't know what to envy more, the fact this recipient in CHELTENHAM is getting a world class hamper or is work free!


Another amazing hamper for an amazing milestone today: A Wedding! Our customer in HEMEL HEMPSTEAD is sending their friends our What's Yours is Mine Hamper to celebrate in style. The love birds in LONDON can snack away, our products have great shelf life so they can reminisce of their wedding  for weeks to come while treating themselves to these tasty treats!


Finally, sending congratulations in the form of our Gourmande Irlandais, our customer in BERMUDA is sending this to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. The lucky recipients in EXMOUTH have a variety of meats to choose from, complementing them are tasty crackers, cheeses, spreads and biscuits!


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